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This is my own, personal blog, going by the name B@amCode#, where B@am is put together from my name, Marc Baaden, as in B@a_den M_arc.

On this landing page you can see my latest blog updates. For further articles, please use the search bar or navigate through the colored tags. Just below is also a simple tag cloud.

Most recent articles or updates:

2024-03-07: Enigmes pour enfants (en français)

Mes enfants me demandent (très) régulièrement - quasi quotidiennement - des énigmes. Des fois j'en trouve facilement, des fois j'ai un peu plus de mal. Du coup j'ai décidé de récolter et partager bon nombre de ces énigmes. Certains sont trouvés sur internet, par du bouche à oreille ou tout simplement inventé. N'hésitez pas d'en proposer, j'en rajouterai quelques-uns bien volontiers.

Les solutions sont données à la fin, écrites à l'envers et cachés. Il faut passer la souris sur le rectangle coloré pour voir chaque solution.

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2024-03-05: Search engine referencing

I recently updated my baamcode blog and expected search engines to pick up the change swiftly, in particular because the domain where the blog is stored has been referenced for many years now. To my big surprise, even a week after updating the site, search engines hadn't picked up any changes. So I decided to be more pro-active and help search engines discover the new site content.

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2024-03-04: Implementing secret answers to mystery questions via CSS styles

For my children, I often devise some "mystery questions" they need to resolve and I want to put those together on a page of this blog (it will be in French, sorry). Now I was looking for how to indicate the solution for the mysteries without it being revealed automatically. Here is an example:

(oɥɔǝ uɐ)The solution -> 

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2024-03-02: 💻 Emacs integrations for efficient blogging

Here I will try to describe a few of the customizations I made to simplify and streamline my blogging experience within Emacs. General information of requirements for lazyblorg are well described on the github page Readme file. We start from some org-mode file where you already have a heading and text section for something you want to blog about.

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2024-02-29: 🎉 The obligatory first blog post..

There we are, prime time! This is the first actual blog post entry into this B@amCode# blog. I spent a few days understanding how the new tool that I chose, lazyblorg, works in detail and how to configure it. The initial choice was straight-forward given the way I work on a day-to-day basis, in Emacs, using org-mode extensively, and looking for a low-barrier workflow that integrates well with these boundary conditions to transform some of my writings into a shared blog entry. It was the only tool I found that combines all these features efficiently. After my first tests, I do confirm this initial impression.

I should now be able to start blogging on a more regular basis and share more of my recent meanderings into Emacs, org-mode, GUIX and other realms. I have actually too many things in my head and need to make some choice and priority to decide on what to blog about first. This mental offloading will likely happen onto this blog 😁. Along the way I will test more fully the range of options offered by lazyblorg. Some of the interrogations I currently have is about handling images, URLs, code snippets (in terms of syntax coloring, for instance), etc.

So hang in and check back from time to time to see how things evolve. I am also happy for any feedback and complementary resources. I discovered so many valuable and insightful sources of inspiration lately that I am convinced much more untapped potential is out there. In the same spirit I will share the gems I uncovered on my journey.

2024-02-28: About this blog

This blog reflects my personal opinion, experience, experiments and advice on a certain number of topics. It is a way of sharing thoughts and information that others may find useful.

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2024-02-28: How to Use This Blog Efficiently

The blog landing page provides the tag cloud and a list of recent articles. In addition, a site-search is available through the search box (however at the time of writing, the search engine had not yet included the recent site updates.. so you may need to be a little patient to use this). On a given page, you may access the source org-mode file (a text-based human-readable syntax akin to MarkDown) via a link in the top right corner symbolized by the greek letter pi.

If you are looking for a way to track changes and additions of the pages, you may use the Atom/RSS feeds provided; there are three levels of detail, some of which may not be fully compatibe with all readers. The links only feed should be the most compatible one.

There are two ways of commenting, should you want to provide feedback (much appreciated). By sending an email through the provided Comment via email link, I will permanently integrate your feedback in the site. Alternatively, if you use the provided Disqus tools and corresponding Disqus link, your comments will be managed through their external platform.

Overall, I try to keep it simple, so for now there is not much more to get around this blog.